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Use LivNRite’s CBD for your heart!

March welcomed the genesis of a new world. When the pandemic struck with devastating force, the population around the world was forced to socially isolate, generating high amounts of stress, anxiety and even depression. Working from home started to take a toll on the employees, and, sadly, since everybody was at home all day and night, family life became a burden.

The impact the quarantine has in the population is alarming since these consequences (social isolation, stress, anxiety, depression, stressfully family, etc) might accelerate the development and progression of severe cardiovascular diseases.

Fortunately, LivNRite’s CBD products aim to guide and achieve a level of wellness needed to propel a balanced life, and we understand that, after hours of sitting in front of a computer and of being cloistered, the body needs to slow down and sometimes help is needed.

Pink and yellow heart celebrating the Heart Day.

Coronary heart diseases and other illnesses such as high blood pressure and strokes share the same root cause of inflammation, and LivNRite could have a positive impact to reduce suffering from these episodes. Evidence has proven that CBD has anti-inflammatory and antioxidative properties together with cardiovascular benefits such as reduce blood pressure and response to stress, that can lead to a heart attack.

When treating the cardiovascular system, the effects of CBD are multiple because it attenuates high glucose and reduces ventricular arrhythmias and infarct size. Also, other studies mainly on animals, have proven that CBD has a protective effect in the test subjects that suffered of a heart attack.


In LivNRite, we have our customers at heart, and, for that reason, as a company, we are constantly looking to awaken their wellness through healthy experiences! Join us in this journey of health and wellbeing! Don’t wait! Start feeling better now!

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