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World Diabetes Day | LivNRite CBD makes the difference!

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

There is no holy grail for the cure of all illnesses that swarm the population, but there are grand knights like LivNRite products that will help you in this crusade of wellbeing and health!

How many people in the world have diabetes?

In 2014, according to the World Health Organization, around 422 million suffered from diabetes, and they estimate that during 2016 around 1.6 million people died due to diabetes.

How to prevent diabetes?

The answer to this question will surprise you: eat healthily and achieve and keep a healthy body weight. There isn’t a magic medicine to keep health problems at bay besides prevention, which is also really cheap.

So avoid sugar, saturated fats, and smoking. We have mentioned before some cheap and easy ways to awaken your wellbeing, so keep those in mind when fighting or preventing diabetes.

How can CBD help diabetes patients?

Diabetes day is November 14th. LivNRite

Although the uses of CBD against diabetes are still under investigation, multiple studies in animals have shown how a CBD treatment could reduce oxidative stress, which provokes retinal cell death (diabetic retinopathy), in other words: blindness, one of the multiple consequences of acute diabetes.

Other studies have shown that CBD treatments tend to reduce the incidence of diabetes Type1 in non-obese mice and also reduced inflammation in the pancreas. Sadly, another effect of diabetes is the risk of suffering from diabetic neuropathy, a nerve damage that affects the legs and feet. However, products like LivNRite Freeze Roll-on are excellent alternatives to address these disturbing pains, and CBD seems to have better results than other therapies

Nobody wants to be sick, and everybody wants to live a full life. Exercise, a healthy diet, and great conviction can allow you to achieve wellness in no time! However, if you need an extra push or pain relief, you know that LivNRite will accompany you in this process! Stop waiting for your health to improve on its own, help it with LivNRite!

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