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10 time management skills to work smarter and not harder

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Work smarter!
10 time management skills to work smarter and not harder

After governments enforced lockdown, companies around the world implemented a massive work-from-home strategy. Although a great deal of workers, based on a CNBC survey, find this solution to have improved their overall appreciation for their job, a 34% has said their job has become somewhat harder.

Truth be told, working-from-home can hurt your performance and productivity, but what can you do to improve your performance and keep your must-needed job? Work hard to manage your time!

To succeed, you need to understand that time management is the process of planning, keeping track, and using your time more consciously allowing you to do more in less time.

So, applying a good strategy for time management in the workplace will help you have a more balanced life, and LivNRite brings you 10 simple strategies to achieve it in no time!

  1. Schedule your day and tasks. Planning your day will give you a clear path to focus on and will prevent you from wandering around on what to do next.

  2. The Pomodoro method is a classic. Once you have scheduled your tasks, focus, and work 25 minutes straight, and once they are up, take a 5 minutes break. After you have done four 25-minute work sprints with each break, take a half an hour break, and then repeat.

  3. Practice chunking. Tony Robbins proposed a strategy in which you allocate all similar tasks in one single bucket, and you work on them one after the other before moving to another bucket.

  4. We are trying to focus on one task at the time, so avoid multitasking since that gives the impression that you are doing a lot but, in the end, are you finishing a task properly?

  5. Don't let stress devour you! Stress is a trigger for anxiety which will impact your life. Find outlets to address your stress. For example, meditate, do yoga, or try CBD

  6. Schedule your breaks. Time management is all about scheduling, so make sure you program breaks as they help you focus

  7. Stay away from distractions. We recommend you to put away all possible diversions. For example, if you find yourself stealing constant glances on your mobile, then maybe your cellphone shouldn’t be there. 

  8. Say no and avoid overloading yourself. It is impossible to have time to do everything all the time, so learn how to find those meetings and those tasks that don’t add value, and say no.

  9. Be sharp with your time! If you have a 30 minute meeting, make it 30 minutes and finish it on time. Every minute counts and people will thank you for them!

  10. Focus! Concentrate and give your all to that single chore! Focusing does not need to be one more task on your plate. Try CBD! It can give you that extra focus and clarity of mind!

Hopefully, these time management solutions can help you have a more balanced and healthy day! CBD is a great tool to enhance your day, life, and health, but keep in mind that you can only change and find stability within yourself. Here at LivNRite, we know life can be overwhelming, and we are sure that taking a break to breathe can do wonders for your physical and mental well-being.

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