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The purpose of this policy is to describe the conditions and fees applicable to order cancellations.

 This policy is not intended to contradict any local or national laws or regulations that might stipulate customers' rights to cancel orders.  If local or national laws prescribe conditions under which customers may cancel orders, those local or national laws shall prevail. 


Orders, once shipped by LIVNRITE, may not be cancelled without express written authorization by LIVNRITE.  If and when authorized, the following cancellation fees may apply:

This Order Cancellation policy applies when the customer cancels all or part of an order after shipment of goods.

Orders Cancelled After Shipment will be treated as a “Return” with all applicable fees. Refer to the Product Return Policies.


1. Returns - Product returns will be accepted that meet the following conditions:

a) Only products shipped from LIVNRITE within the last 30 days will be considered for return.

b) Only products in saleable condition will be considered for return and credit. 

-  Saleable condition is defined as meeting the same standards as newly manufactured products and must be in the original packaging. 

c) Any products that have been discontinued or made obsolete will not be considered for return. 

f) Items that were ordered in connection with natural disasters, pandemic, or similar situations are final upon shipment from LIVNRITE’s factory and will not be considered for return.

 2. Fees - the following charges will apply for returned products:

 a) Restocking Charge

-  LIVNRITE will impose a 15% restocking fee on each product returned, unless the return is due to an LIVNRITE error or where alternative arrangements have been agreed between both parties.

c) Transportation Charge  

- Shipping costs of products to LIVNRITE may be charged to you, dependent on the originally agreed responsibility for transportation costs as well as the reason(s) for returning your products to LIVNRITE.

 3. Return of products from LIVNRITE shipping error

 For products that are returned as a result of an error made by LIVNRITE i.e., incorrect quantity, incorrect product, or duplicate shipment the following applies:

 a) No restocking charge will be imposed.

 b) No shipping charges will be imposed

 c) 100% credit will be issued if LIVNRITE was notified within 7 days after receipt of the product(s) at the place of delivery.

4. Procedure for Returning Products:

Products that are returned to LIVNRITE require a Return Material Authorization (RMA) which is issued by LIVNRITE Customer Service.

The following information will be required to issue the RMA:

1. LIVNRITE invoice number or Order number or Delivery reference number

2. Date of purchase

3. Product Name/ description / quantity (if items were purchased in pack quantities then only full pack quantities will be accepted for return)

4. Reason for the return

Shipping returns to LIVNRITE with an RMA

Products authorized to be returned on the RMA will be shipped to the return address as indicated on the RMA.  LIVNRITE should receive returned product(s) within 30 days after issuing the RMA. After the 30 days the RMA becomes void.

 If LIVNRITE is organizing the transportation of the products to be returned, instructions will be provided by Customer Service to organize collection of the products to be returned by a carrier selected by LIVNRITE.  

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